Animal spirits : : Ho human, psychology drives the economy, and why it matters for global capitalism / / George A. Akerlof y Robert J. Shiller. - New Jersey, Estados Unidos : : Princeton University Press ,, 2009. - xxviii ; 230 páginas.

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1. Confidence and Its Multipliers.
2. Fairness.
3. Corruption and Bad Faith.
4. Money Illusion.
5. Stories.
6. Why Do Economies Fall into Depression?.
7. Why Do Central Bankers Have Power over the Economy (Insofar as They Do)?.
8. Why Are There People Who Cannot Find a Job?.
9. Why Is There a Trade-off between Inflation and Unemployment in the Long Run?.
10. Why Is Saving for the Future So Arbitrary?.
11. Why Are Financial Prices and Corporate Investments So Volatile?.
12. Why Do Real Estate Markets Go through Cycles?.
13. Why Is There Special Poverty among Minorities?.


Economía --Aspectos psicológicos
Finazas--Aspectos psicológicos

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